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Making your employee work schedules does not have to be hard. Quite the opposite, really. To make employee schedules should be easy for you and your work scheduler.

Easy. Yes. And making work schedules should even be fun.

TixTime is work scheduling software that helps you build conflict free work schedules for your employees. Shift work schedules are easy to make online. If you’re using Excel to make your employee work schedules you must keep reading to find out how to make your schedule for work online.

And you don’t have to fight a work schedule template, nor download a employee schedule template. Use this free online employee scheduling tool to make your work schedules. Excel can’t match online employee scheduling!

Are you spending more than an hour each week working on your employee schedules?  Let me show you how you can stop.  How you can get your time back.  You can make your employee schedules in less than an hour each week.  The employee schedule maker will help you save time, communicate with your employees, and get more work done.

Joe’s Schedule For Work Has Gone Wrong

Let me tell you a story about Joe and his online work schedule maker.

The fallout is looming… Joe ducks past his manager’s desk as he hurries towards his own.20 minutes. Again. This could be it. This could be the last time he walks in the front door.“It’s not my fault” Joe thinks. And its true. He told his manager — in person and by email — about his classes on Tuesday morning. He can’t make it for 10am.

Joe wonders, confused ”I have the best performance numbers on my shift… But will they actually fire me? Maybe I should quit first.


There it is… an email. Joe takes a shallow breath, grasping for an escape. Anything. Maybe its not for me? Maybe its junk mail? Nope. It’s straight from his boss.

Struggling for air he prepares to read his final good-bye. That strict voice can even be heard through email:

Joe, we’re making changes. We’re buying Workforce Management software. I’m inviting you to join early since you are one of our most valued employees. I’m sorry you keep getting scheduled Tuesday, I know you have classes. With this we will be able to fix that and so much more. We’ll take better care of you.

Does Joe’s story sound familiar?  It happens all the time. Employees get scheduled for shifts they should not be on.  If you can stop scheduling employees for shift work schedules that they can’t make it to they will be much more likely to show up.  They won’t be calling in to miss shifts.  And they won’t be taking up your time making shift trades without using an easy schedule maker.

If you want to save your time and make shift work schedules for your employees in less than an hour a week this is the most important thing you can do: Schedule employees on shifts that they would like to be on.  Make sure you schedule them when they can make it to work. A work schedule generator that builds in employee availability and preferences like TixTime can make all the difference for your weekly work schedule.

Work schedule software makes it easy to create a work schedule for your employees. Overnight shifts, split shifts, communications, change management, and complete audit logging are built in to the online employee schedule maker software. Make weekly work schedules, daily, or monthly and publish them to your staff where they can use the mobile employee scheduling app to see their shifts.

work schedule maker

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