Online Employee Time Clock Software

Employee time clock software can help you obsolete your hardware clocks and make the move to a web time clock.

Web based time clocks have a pile of tasty advantages. Just image this for one: Never again will you manually round times and add hours.

Pop quiz: How many hours should you pay an employee that worked from 8:37 to 3:22 with a 42 minute lunch break? The answer: Let your online time clock figure it out. Really, you’ll never have to do the math again.

There’s more. Not online will hours be figured out by your time clock online, but the software will also give complete tracking so you never have to see eraser marks on your time cards again. The audit log from the web based time clock tracks who, when, and what was changed.

Employee time clocks come in all sizes and price ranges. TixTime works as an online timeclock accessed from mobile devices or desktops, or from tablets mounted on the wall running the timeclock software, or using any supported hardware timeclock. We support many types of hardware timeclocks and all forms of biometrics are available from fingerprints to retinal scans. And of course you can use proximity cards, swipe cards, or barcodes to name a few of the other hardware options. We can connect you with a vendor if you wish to purchase a clock or we suggest using a simple commodity tablet or mobile devices.

With your online employee time clock you’ll have complete access to all employee attendance records. The time clock software reviews each record for you and helps to make sure all employees are adhering to their schedules and your business rules. Equally the time clock for employees helps you save time and stop worrying about time and attendance so you can focus on your business.

Using web based time clock software can help improve employee morale too. There’s a big difference in punching into an old mechanical clock and hoping that hours get added up correctly compared to using punch clock software where an employee knows the system will make fewer mistakes. When you improve employee clock in software trust the amount of time you spend double checking hours when payday comes will decrease.

The best time clock software should also integrate tightly with your workforce management system. TixTime provides a complete system for time clock, attendance, scheduling, adherence, and employee management. Start your free trial today.

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