Schedule Employees? You might be missing out on these tactics.

Thanks to Geoff Williams for his well written article at American Express OPEN. We appreciate the mention of TixTime.

How can you handle scheduling the right amount of workers at the right time, while also considering your employees’ needs? Here are inside tips from small-business owners.
It’s hard enough managing your own time, let alone managing other people’s time.But that, of course, is exactly what you end up doing, the more employees you end up hiring. As you already know if you have a heavy staff and a lot of hours and days to fill, scheduling hours can be a major undertaking. People get sick, or they may not always appreciate working weekends, in which case you may want to parcel those days out to the staff evenly.

“If understaffed, you’re going to burn out your team members who pick up the slack, and those that pick up will be your best team members—the last ones you want to burn out.”

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